classic architecture

Exterior architecture seems to be getting worse and worse by the year. Modern architecture has become cold and sterile. Plastic siding, stark black trim windows, no landscaping, cookie-cutter facades. The trends of today like black windows are horrific and way to jarring to the eye. Many new-construction homes are literally being made out of plastic. The craftsmanship era has since disappeared from us. Or is it only for the wealthy nowadays? It seems like you need to drop at least a million to have a home with classic beautiful architecture now.

But it shouldn’t have to be that way. You can make do by making small changes to your exterior to make it more tasteful. First, if you have shutters, I suggest painting them a classic black or Essex Green, a dark, lush green, that contrasts beautifully on white siding. If you are in the North East, cedar shingles are stunning. Second, I recommend painting your house white if it is not stone or brick, or cedar shingle. In the front of the home, line it with boxwoods or white flowers. Classic traditional architecture is…classic. It will never go out of style. There is warmth, hominess, and character that come with it. Landscaping will add so much to your exterior. You don’t have to have a mansion to put these into practice. Below are some images of classic architecture, big, small, and in-between.  

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