Madeleine’s deep appreciation for art, ancient architecture, antiques, and materials informs her designs through warm romantic minimalist maximalism. Inspired by Anouska Hempel, and John Saladino, Madeleine’s aesthetic is made up of French, Italian European motifs. 

Self-taught, Madeleine’s design sense, career, and abilities have bloomed, each year  since childhood. Over the years, she began grasping at “something more” another era, perhaps, marrying the past and the future in a perfect symphony of proportions, and placement, often illusory. One of her favorite quotes about design from John Saladino, one of her favorite designers from the 1990s reads “I believe we live in a world in which people are taught how to read and how to calculate, but are not taught how to see.” 

Madeleine attributes her “seeing” to her mother, who from a young age she watched her mother decorate, garden, design, and build things with an extreme sense of purpose. Her mother “saw” something and sought to execute that vision and bring it to life. She can recall shopping at flea markets and antique stores as a young girl with the sounds of Cat Stevens, Natalie Merchant, and Jewel playing on the stereo, with exasperated shouts of “symmetry” from her mother in the other room. Madeleine learned this from an early age, and though her style developed to become her own, she learned key creative and intuitive skills as a young girl, which she learned to lean into again after her formal education in English.

Madeleine’s designs are always mixes of neutrals, taupes, and whites, with subtle warmth and muddy colors. Emblematic of her soft romantic side. Classic, yet with a modern, minimal romantic essence. Every room has some “old” element to it. Whether it be a row of old vases, or a cabinet designed to feel like old roman columns. Some ancient inspiration is always mixed with a classic sense of modernity through tailoring. Madeleine currently resides in Old Lyme, Connecticut with her husband.